Réseau FADOQ

A Word From the President

GET involved!

Citizen engagement has been the hallmark of the réseau fadoq for nearly half a century. Our movement would never have lasted, grown or accomplished so much without the help of tens of thousands of dedicated and committed volunteers over the years. The réseau currently has 17,000 volunteers in its ranks and there is room for the next generation. Are you interested?

Past and present citizen engagement has been an incredible driver of minor and major change. In return, involved citizens feel satisfied and rooted in groups that contribute to their sense of belonging; they contribute in this way to others’ quality of life and to their own. This is how we will fulfil our famous Social Contract and address the pillar that will be highlighted in 2017-2018.

“Citizen engagement contributes to a real sense of belonging”

There are many ways to contribute. The important thing is to choose a cause that is close to your heart and which corresponds to your availability, temperament, skills, and leadership abilities. You also need to ensure, in practice, that you have sufficient team spirit. In life, one always has the choice to do something or to leave the responsibility up to others. It’s clear what my position is. My recommendation: “Get involved!”



Maurice Dupont