Réseau FADOQ

A Word From the President

Optimism: The free cure

In 2016, the réseau fadoq constantly had to defend itself on a number of issues; chsld, accessory fees, pension plans, etc. The year 2017 should be similar. While we are still within the year of health; one of the four pillars for an appropriate quality of life, i’d like to talk about optimism. This free health remedy is as much a winning attitude in our lives as well as that of the réseau Fadoq.

When illness takes its toll, we can easily feel down on our luck. This is normal, at least for a little while. Afterwards, smiling at life can actually reduce pain and promote healing. In all cases, it is a key ingredient to a good quality of life.

In fact, staying positive and looking to the future with confidence is an unfailing source of well-being. It’s worthwhile to count our blessings to ensure that throughout the day we speak far more positively than negatively!

“The quiet strength of réseau Fadoq is a very positive jewel in its history”

We must also take care not to act impulsively, under the influence of excessive optimism that can verge on fantasy. It is always better to take the time to consider things carefully.



A positive attitude is a trait of people who think big, are determined, and are committed. This is also the réseau Fadoq’s mandate, as it prefers to use collaboration as a tool, rather than the weapon of confrontation to push forward on issues involving seniors. This quiet strength is a positive jewel within réseau fadoq’s history, of which we can be proud.

Maurice Dupont