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How do I choose a residence?

Analyse your needs

Before beginning your search, you must analyze your needs. Many factors must be taken into account to do this.

What is your budget ? Prices vary greatly from one region to another, and so do the services and the facilities offered by each residence..

Which town or neighbourhood do you want to live in? It’s always advantageous to stay in a neighbourhood or town that you know well, but you may prefer to move near a loved one or near a service that you’ll frequently need to access (community organizations, downtown area, health services…).

What are your main interests? In other words, which types of leisure activities do you want to do in or near your residence? Is there a particular atmosphere you’re looking for ?

Don’t hesitate to make a list of your questions and needs. This will serve as your guide to start looking for suitable residences.

Understand the differences between residences

There are more than 2 300 private residences for seniors in Quebec, divided into two main categories: small residences with nine housing units or less and medium and large residences with 10 housing units or more. In medium and large residences, you can rent a room or an apartment, while in a small residence; you can generally only rent a room.

To help you better recognize and understand the differences between each residence, the Réseau FADOQ propose you Seniors Housing Quality Directories. These directories will show the number of Senior Housing Quality Seals obtained by the residences that were assessed, as well as a detailed list of their services and activities.

Access the directories (in french)

You can also visit our online search to find more information about all the residences in your area.

Search online

You can also  consult the register of residences for elderly people in Quebec, managed by the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (MSSS), to make sure that the residences you are interested in have been certified.

Access the register of residences for elderly people in Quebec (in french)

Visit several residences

It’s very important that you can visit the residences you have selected yourself because this is how you will be able to decide on the location where you feel best.

During your visit, inspect the room or apartment and verify that the area is clean and secure. Also, take a few minutes to visit the common areas like the dining room, bathrooms and kitchen.

You can ask to share a meal with the residents to get an idea of the quality of the food as well as the size of the portions. This will also give you a chance to observe the mood of the people living in the residence. You can see if they’re happy and smiling when they meet you. This will also allow you to see if the personnel are courteous and polite.

You can also learn about the activities and hobbies offered in the residence. Do they correspond to what you’re looking for? Certain hobbies might be fun for some people, but not for others.

Finally, it’s necessary to find out what’s included in the price of the residence. To do this, it’s recommended that you ask the operator for a sheet detailing prices, package deals and à la carte services. Once you’re back at home, this will allow you to compare the residences you have visited. Always pay attention to à la carte services because they can sometimes turn out to be more expensive than package deals. Indeed, some residences offer package deals for services that you use regularly, while others offer a base price and then ask you to pay for extra services each time you use them. This is convenient if you request extra services occasionally, but if you need them often, à la carte services can become very costly.