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Information on life and health insurance products as well as on investment products is provided by the financial security advisors or accident and sickness insurance representatives at SSQ Financial Services Firm Inc., whereas information on travel insurance products is provided by the insurance representatives of assurancevoyages.ca, a subsidiary of SSQ Financial Services Firm Inc.

Every solution to your financial security needs under one roof!

Because you are a member of the Réseau FADOQ, you benefit from an advantageous program and significant protections to help prepare you for unexpected events in life and to achieve your financial goals.

Discover the many solutions available to you. Regardless of your situation, SSQ Financial Services Firm can help you protect and maximize your wealth.

  • Life insurance
  • Health and disability insurance
  • Investments
  • Travel Insurance through Assurancevoyages.ca

Accessible and comprehensive life insurance and health solutions

With Réseau FADOQ, you get a wide range of life and health individual insurance coverage along with undeniable advantages:

  • Special rates offered to the Réseau FADOQ members
  • No medical exam required with your insurance coverage
  • Eligibility up to 85 years of age
  • Advantageous guarantees in case of accident, cancer or critical illness
  • Guaranteed protection for life in most of our products
  • No change in your health condition can prevent renewal of your protection

Investment solutions based on your priorities

Investment products and retirement preparation products carefully selected and designed to help you:

  • Maximize your retirement income;
  • rebalance your insurance portfolio and protect your retirement plan due to a health problem;
  • Plan your estate.

In addition, SSQ Financial Services Firm provides you with a team of dedicated financial security advisors who can guide you through the analysis of your financial needs and management of your investments.

Sound travel insurance solutions

We help you find the best travel insurance solution possible to suit your needs and your health condition from a dozen different travel insurers. Enjoy the exclusive offer available to Réseau FADOQ members and visit: assurancevoyages.ca

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