Réseau FADOQ

Only for those at least 50 years young!

Are you in your fifties – or maybe in your senior years – a member of the Réseau FADOQ, and looking to save money on your car and home insurance? FADOQ FreeSpace® from Intact Insurance is made for you.

The FADOQ FreeSpace program also gives you enhanced protection. Result: peace of mind and more freedom to do the things you want to do.

Auto Insurance

    • Discount on your automobile insurance premium
    • No deductible for hit-and-run accidents or any accident that leaves your car a total loss
    • Collision deductible reduced by up to $300

New customers say I Do!

Come on over. You may be able to benefit from this unique offer for your auto insurance:

  • Save up to 25%* with the my Driving Discount™ program
  • FREE Good Driving Record Protection* (forgiveness for 2 accidents)

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Home Insurance

  • Discount on your home insurance premium
  • For more flexibility, Intact Insurance will pay your claim on a Replacement Cost basis, even if you elect not to rebuild your house!
  • Deductible reduced by as much as $300
  • Free home assistance service following a hospital stay of more than two consecutive days (housekeeping and nursing care)

The best way to save more is to combine your home and auto insurance

Enjoy savings and many other advantages, with Synchro Insurance:

  • Additional savings on your home insurance premium
  • Only one deductible if the claim involves both your auto and home insurance policies
  • Reimbursement of up to $1,000 for lock replacement if your keys are stolen

What’s more, as a member of the Réseau FADOQ you qualify for the following exclusive privileges when you combine your home and auto insurance:

  • Intact Insurance will pay the replacement cost of all your lost or destroyed personal property items, but you can choose whether to replace each item or use the money for something else!
  • In case of identity theft, get professional advice fast. Plus, Intact Insurance will pay expenses (up to $25,000) associated with restoring lost identity.


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