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  • 26-05-2017 Confronting the ‘wonderful’ problem of the too-large RRSP

    Jonathan Chevreau, Financial Post

    Are you in the Retirement Risk Zone Years ? Those are typically the 60s, when you’re in your «work optional» stage of life and the financial choices you make can be critical and often irrevocable. Learn more.

  • 19-05-2017 Why you may need or want to set up a trust in your estate

    Brenda Bouw, The Globe and Mail

    Demand for trusts are on the rise because they give high-networth parents control over who gets their assets, how much and when. This way, they can see their adult children benefit from the money, but in a "controlled environment". Read more

  • 10-05-2017 A gift from boomers to their adult children

    Rob Carrick - The Globe and Mail

    What’s the best way to help your adult children financially? Save enough money so that they don’t have to support you. A report of CIBC Economics found that almost 2 million Canadians already incur expenses close to 3,300$ a year while looking after their parents. That doesn’t include wages lost by taking time of work. Lire la suite 

  • 05-05-2017 As lifespans increase, we need to learn self-sufficiency

    Sandra Martin - The Globe and Mail

  • 27-04-2017 Boomers not having `the talk' on elder care

    Garry Marr - The Financial Post

    Boomers should talk with their children about how they want to be taken care of when they get older, to ensure everyone feels well-prepared for the years ahead. However, a new CIBC poll reveals that almost a quarter of all baby-boomers simply refuse to plan ahead or talk about aging issues. Read more

  • 21-04-2017 Frail nursing home residents paying price for poor planning, outraged families say


    It’s no small matter for elders suffering from limited mobility and varying degrees of dementia, to be relocated for 18 months from a nursing home to semi-private chambers in the Jewish General Hospital. The families of the 70 long-care residents worry their health might suffer from this poor planning.
    Read more

  • 13-04-2017 Is borrowing to invest in real estate a better way to fund your retirement? This author says yes

    Jonathan Chevreau - The National Post

    What if borrowing to invest in real estate was the way? Calum Ross, author of The Real Estate Retirement Plan (Dundurn), calls for "reconceptualizing retirement", an interesting concept that shakes the foundations of old-time pension plan. Read more. 

  • 07-04-2017 Quebec government proposes compulsory denunciation of abuse in CHSLDs

    Caroline Plante, The Canadian Press

    Former Minister of Seniors Marguerite Blais blasts 'halfway' plan on reporting long-term care abuses. She is not satisfied with the proposed amendment to Bill 115, which would require the reporting of abuse, because there would be not sanctions for witnesses of abuse in case of not reporting it. Read more

  • 27-03-2017 How to adapt to ageing societies

    Clare Naden - www.iso.org

    More and more, governments are taking advantage of longevity to imagine social infrastructure differently. Standardization is one of the answers to this challenge, because it helps to support the adaptation of goods, services and environments to the needs of ageing populations. Read more

  • 18-03-2017 When the paycheques stop is when the anxiety hits: Don’t let the fear of spending ruin your retirement

    Ted Rechtshaffen - The Financial Post

    The fear of spending seems to hit a large percentage of retirees. If it’s ok to be more careful with your spending when the paycheques stop, it’s sad when people live a lower standard of living that they could and don’t help others as much as they would like to, because of fear instead of facts. Read more

  • 12-03-2017 Fitness: Exercise is the key to successful aging


    What’s the best way to preserve vitality, to maintain physical strength and to reduce the risk of many age-related diseases? Exercise. And masters athletes are the best examples of the power of exercise against the physical effects of aging. Read more

  • 06-03-2017 When a Partner Dies, Grieving the Loss of Sex

    JANE E. BRODY - The New York Times

    Even though no one talks about it, “sexual bereavement“, a grief associated with losing sexual intimacy with a long-term partner, really exists amongst older persons who outlive their sexual partners. Read more

  • 02-03-2017 New website aims to educate seniors on avoiding online fraud

    CBC News

    A new website, www.protectseniorsonline.ca, is dedicated to help seniors to learn about staying safe online. It was created in response to high rates of Canadian seniors falling victims to online scams. Read more

  • 01-03-2017 Case renews questions about medical aid in dying

    Aaron Derfel, Montreal Gazette

    Should Quebec’s law on medical assistance in dying go one step forward and include the possibility for persons who know that they will become incapacitated or unable to consent, to ask in advance for medical assistance in dying ? The question is raised, especially for those who might be suffering from dementia. Lire la suite

  • 16-02-2017 Calling all grandparents: RESPs are for you, too

    ANNA SHARRATT - The Globe and Mail

    A growing number of grandparents are setting up RESPs for their grandchildren. Why ? Because it’s a good financial move to take money that’s getting taxed for the 60-yeat-old and to put into an account that’s tax-sheltered and for which the government is giving an immediate 20-per-cent return on investment. Read more