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  • 11-09-2017 Is my fading memory a sign of Alzheimer's?

    Paul Taylor - The Globe and Mail

    Memory lapses are common when we get older. So are worries that it could be Alzheimer’s disease. To recognize the difference between Alzheimer’s and normal age-related forgetfulness, it’s important to know that there are various types of memory involving separate parts of the brain. Read more

  • 06-09-2017 A gay old time

    Zosia Bielski - The Globe and Mail

    The documentary On My Way Out: The Secret Life of Nani and Popi, about Roman Blank’s coming out at age 95, shows the joys and losses that LGBT seniors face when they decide to come out late in their life. Read more

  • 31-08-2017 Keeping older drivers safely on the road

    Jane E. Brody - The New York Times

    What can be done to enable older persons to drive safely as long as possible? Help them select vehicles and features that can accommodate their particular physical disabilities as well as their sensory or cognitive losses. To learn more, visit SeniorDriving.AAA.com/SmartFeatures.
    Read more

  • 22-08-2017 Deferred annuities can be retirees' financial lifesaver

    Wanda Morris - National Post

    Since it’s not possible to know how long we’re going to live, it’s difficult to be sure that we’ll have enough savings for retirement. A solution is deferred annuities, which are available in the US but not yet in Canada. Read more

  • 11-08-2017 Upper age limits pose major roadblock for senior drivers

    Wanda Morris - National Post

    Should there be and upper age limit for driving? No. But that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be restrictions on driving. Many solutions have to be considered. One of them is to invest in public transit. Read more

  • 08-08-2017 Vague eligibility for medical aid in dying may put doctors at risk

    Wanda Morris - National Post

    Why is it that while Canadians and doctors overwhelmingly support medical aid in dying, so few Canadians have access to MAID and thousands of willing doctors are still obstructed from providing it? Because the legislation adopted by the Canadian government was too vague. Read more

  • 03-08-2017 The financial disadvantages of living alone

    Rob Carrick - The Globe and Mail

    With more Canadians than ever living alone, and the fact that it’s a better thing, financially and tax-wise, to have a spouse, partner or roommate, a possible trend of the future might be relationships of financial convenience. Is it time for you to find someone to live with just to save money ? Read more

  • 25-07-2017 101-Year-old Breaks World Running Record: “I Missed My Nap for This”

    By GoodNews Network

    At 101, Julia Hawkins just broke the 100-meter world record for women over 100 years of age, with a time of just over 40 seconds. She was the oldest woman ever to compete in the USA Track and field Outdoors Masters Championships. Read more

  • 21-07-2017 I'm older than I ever expected to be. Am I worth the expense?

    Robert Fulford - National Post

    Very old people often ask themselves if they’re worth the expense and feel guilty about the medical resources they use. But there is an upside, says Statistics Canada, because people 85 and over contribute in many ways to society. Read more 

  • 11-07-2017 For older Canadians, words matter

    Wanda Morris - National Post

    There’s a lack of words to describe the stages of later life. And the words we have often less describe what we are to focus instead on what we’ve given up or lost. As a result, there’s only one category for all those 65 and over, although the over-65s are far from homogeneous. Read more 

  • 04-07-2017 We are failing our elderly patients

    André Picard - The Globe and Mail

    Now that Elizabeth Wettlaufer is behind bars for killing eight nursing-home residents, the important work of determining how frail, elderly, vulnerable patients such as those can be better protected and cared for, must begin. Read more

  • 29-06-2017 No limit to lifespan, McGill biologists say

    Sharon Kirkey - The National Post

    Two McGill experimental biologists don’t agree with Albert Einstein College of Medicine researchers who think that the biological limit to human lifespan is peaking at around 115. The two Canadian biologists argue that there’s no evidence the maximum human lifespan has reached a plateau. Read more

  • 19-06-2017 Losing weight, increasing fitness in old age

    Christopher Labos - The Montreal Gazette

    What’s the best way to lose weight in old age? A global exercise strategy based on eating less and moving more. A program of cardio and light weights is particularly in order for improving overall conditioning and health. Read more

  • 14-06-2017 Fighting ageism to unlock seniors' potential in your business

    Thomas Wellner - The Globe and mail

    It’s surprising that business leaders don’t see the increase of older adults for what it is: a transformative opportunity. Indeed, they represent a growing and diverse market as well as an experienced talent pool. Read more

  • 13-06-2017 Review: ‘If You’re Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast’ Finds Vigor After 90

    NEIL GENZLINGER - The New York Times

    What if being sharp, vigorous and engaged at 90 and above was possible? In fact, it is, as the HBO documentary ‘If You’re Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast’ shows. The film, in which Carl Reiner acts as host, reveals secrets for staying energetic and frustrations of living in a society that tends to marginalize this age bracket. Read more